Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wide wake.

Whew! its been a week since we've got back and yes its 5pm and i feel no threat of sleepyness, I am back to feeling human once more.
To say the least Europe was of course -- such fun, beautiful exciting--- all adjectives etc etc...
It was my first time in Barcelona, and it lived up to everything everybody says it is!
 Perfect weather, fab Mandarin Oriental, great sightseeing ---shopping, eating (a lot)..... =), hooked up with an old friend and met a new friend (hi C!)

Sorry for this photo heavy entry...


with habla espanol, chef billionaire playboy lensman dj ,BFF - F Aracama.  

Took the train to Madrid and drove to beautiful wine country Ribera del duero.

Got a tour of Vega Sicillia/valduero and azuaga  -- whoa!!~ silly drunk for 3 days!!!

Drove up to lovely San Sebastian
Food Coma.

...and here I am starstrucked by Senor Arzak, he is the sweetest man =)

I heart Spain, I can only wish more more days and to return the soonest...
We headed for France next...and  thats another kwento....

besos for now....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Yaay!

Yes! Its October and guess where I'm going!!!!!

Barcelon- ahhhh!
We will be meeting some old friends and a new friend of mine.
I cant wait =)

No caption needed!!!!
 le sighhhh***